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Starting a surf shop in CA?

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What better place to
start a surf shop than in CA, with its sun, sand and surf. Like any other
business venture, there are quite a number of things you’ll need to do, from
determining if it’s a viable venture, to scouting locations, setting up
business insurance and purchasing stock. Being diligent in all things generally
reduces the risk of failure.


  • Begin your business plans with research.
    Location is critical to your success. Consider the services of a realtor
    to find a rental retail shop, or purchase one in an ideal location if you
    have the capital.
  • Define your new business with a business
    plan. List the products for sale or rent in your shop such as surfboard
    rentals, board sales, accessories and related gadgets. Now is the time to
    identify all the services you intend to provide, such as surfboard repair
    and surfing lessons.
  • Take the time to research suppliers. You may
    need wholesale suppliers for surfboards, beach towels, umbrellas, swimming
    suits and a whole range of accessories.
  • Decide whether taking on a business
    partner is in your best interest. A partner with capital to invest is a
    bonus or a person who knows the surfing business and brings skills to the
    table could be invaluable.
  • Interview and hire employees. Look for
    outgoing personalities and those with surfing experience. Make sure job
    candidates are physically fit to move and lift surfboards and scuba gear.

  • Set aside funds to cover workers’
    compensation insurance for the care of your employees. A call to your
    insurance agent can get you set up for all your business insurance
    requirements. It’s vital to protect your new enterprise with insurance,
    whether it is a policy to cover damage to your premises or equipment by
    fire or a storm, a commercial auto policy, or general liability. There are
    a lot of options out there, which is why it can be helpful to talk to an
    agent about specific policies that might relate to a surf shop.



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